First Century
for the

Trinity Fellowship

A Ministry of the Evangelical Free Church of America
located at the corner of Morgan and Collins in Toccoa, GA.
Sunday worship begins at 10:30 am.


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Why Trinity Fellowship?

Trinity Fellowship is a body of believers who want to revive the New-Testament agenda for what the church is supposed to be and do.

Specifically, we wish to regain the New Testament vision for ministry by focusing ourselves on four areas which we believe most American churches fall short of addressing.

  1. We strive to minister to the whole person, including the mind and the imagination.
  2. In keeping with the first goal, we emphasize sound expository preaching, not just emotional manipulation.
  3. We are committed to God-centered worship in which the congregation are participants, not just spectators.
  4. We want the biblical ideal of every-member ministry to be more than just a slogan.

We are striving for spiritual reality in these areas, and we are eager for like-minded servants of the King to join us in our quest. Come visit and find out how we're doing.