Writings on various topics by Donald T. Williams, PhD.

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An Apologist's Evening Prayer: Reflections on the Psalms and Lewis’s Legacy PDF
COUNTING OUR SPOONS: Reality, the Moral Law, and the Ten Commandments HTML
Doubt as a Christian Virtue HTML
English Literature in the Sixteenth Century:
C. S. Lewis as a Literary Historian
Expressing Emotion in Poetry: Grief and Recovery in Psalm 6 HTML
Humanity And Faerie: J. R. R. Tolkien And The Place Of Narrative In Conceptualizing The Christian Life    PDF
Imprisoned by Scandal HTML
In It But Not Of It
Word Doc or HTML
Is Man a Myth?: Mere Christian Perspectives on the Human
Literature: A Christian Approach, Materials for Summit Ministries. PDF File.
A Long Expected Party: Report on Mythcon 36 / Tolkien 2005
Marriage--for whom?: A Question for Our Time HTML
"The Mind Is Its Own Place": Satan's Philosophy And The Modern Dilemma   PDF
Mythcon 2007 report
Reflections From Platos Cave: Musings on the History of Philosophy
Repairing The Ruins: Thoughts on Christian Higher Education
Revenge Of The Dwems: A One-Act Play/Socratic Tetralog
Some Propositions For A Theistic Argument
SONS OF ADAM AND DAUGHTERS OF EVE: Lewisian Perspectives on the Human in The Chronicles of Narnia HTML
Speaking the Truth in Love HTML
Stories And Stock Responses: C. S. Lewis on Christianity and Literature
Terri Schiavo And The Rule Of Law
Why Evangelicals Can't Write, And How Flannery O'Connor can Help us Learn Better
"YOU'RE NOT TELLING IT RIGHT!" Peter Jackson's Betrayal of J. R. R. Tolkien's Vision in The Two Towers and The Return of the King
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