As I look at the current scene, I see a church in desperate need of three great movements of God:

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  • Renaissance:
    A recovery of the life of the mind. An increasingly illiterate generation is harder to reach with a faith founded on the message of a Book; an increasingly illiterate church is incapable of experiencing full-orbed Christianity based on the whole counsel of God;

  • Reformation:
    A recovery of sound doctrine. Otherwise, we gorge ourselves on spiritual junk food while the great truths of the faith slip through our fingers;

  • Revival:
    A recovery of vital spirituality. The great error of our generation is to believe that this recovery is possible apart from the first two. Biblically and historically it is not. Without Renaissance and Reformation, all our zeal for Revival is vanity and striving after wind.

On February 2, 2002, I delivered 5 Theses on Ministry at University Church in Athens, GA. This sermon is a revision of my Final Tirade and Last Diatribe at Trinity Fellowship of Toccoa. It is available here as a Microsoft Word document: 5 Theses on Ministry.