The Books of Donald T. Williams, PhD.

Inklings II
The Disciples' Prayer The Disciples' Prayer

The prayer Jesus gave was a model prayer for His disciples' use. You will find it a powerful reshaper of your priorities in both praying and living. Begin to take up the position of a disciple of Jesus, praying, "Lord teach me to pray." READ MORE...

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Inklings of Reality
Inklings of Reality

In Inklings of Reality, Donald T. Williams revisits some of the most interesting and constructive moments in the history of Christian reflection on language and literature to help us recover the outlines of a rich and dynamic philosophy of reading. READ MORE...

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The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

In The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit, Donald T. Williams presents a comprehensive study of the Holy Spirit, helping readers answer their most pressing questions about the Holy Spirit. READ MORE...

Originally published by Broadman, this book is currently out of print. The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit has been reprinted and is now available from

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