Inklings of Reality by Donald T. Williams Inklings of Reality: Essays Towards a Christian Philosophy of Letters

From the back cover:
Christians are a people of the Book. They worship a God described in that Book as The Word. So they ought to be a people who care about language and literature, about reading and writing. They ought to have some interesting things to say about the nature and purpose of reading: why people should read, what they should read, what it should do for them. And those perspectives ought to provide at least an interesting alternative to the nihilist, politicized, and relativist academy. And historically, Christians have given us just that. In Inklings of Reality, poet and theologian Donald T. Williams revisits some of the most interesting and constructive moments in the history of Christian reflection on these issues to help us recover the outlines of a rich and dynamic philosophy of reading.

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ISBN: 1-885729-07-3

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