Trinity Fellowship Board Meeting
August 14, 2000


Don Williams, Cindy Morefield, Todd & Sherry Truffin

Todd brought the meeting to order.

Prayer Time:

Praise for Dr. Jones filling the business position at TFC; requests: Dr. Jones'back, new semester, Stricklands, former members finding churches (Meltons, Gerls, Ottmans), continued guidance for the church; Sherry's committee - reaction to first 3 chaps.

Secretary's Report:

Cindy presented the 8/7 minutes; Sherry moved that the minutes be accepted as presented; Don 2nd; motion carried.

Financial Report:

No report, but pastor's honorarium is up for reconsideration as per 4/27 meeting. Cindy made a motion that the pastor's honorarium be increased from $250 to $300 per month for the next three months (Sept., Oct., & Nov.); Sherry 2nd; motion carried.

Old Business

New Business

Please note - the "Old" and "New" business items were not necessarily dealt with in the order listed above.

A unanimous decision was made to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia L. Morefield, Secretary