Trinity Fellowship Board Meeting
August 3, 2000


Don Williams, Ken & Cindy Morefield, Todd & Sherry Truffin

Todd brought the meeting to order with opening comments and prayer.

Secretary's Report:

Cindy presented the minutes from 6/21; Don moved that minutes be accepted as presented; Sherry 2nd; motion carried.

Financial Report:

Ken presented July report and added that we have a balance of $1723.94 in the building fund account. Cindy moved that report be accepted as presented; Sherry 2nd; motion carried.

Old Business:

Todd presented a quick status report included in the agenda. There was no discussion.

New Business:

Prayer Time:

Focus was on the Stricklands' needs, guidance for the board and the church as we considered the future, and guidance for Don regarding the problems with the business program at school.


The majority of the meeting was spent in discussion of issues pertaining to whether we can/should continue as a church. By the end of the evening, no clear consensus was apparent as to whether God was leading us to continue or not. Todd suggested that we take the weekend to pray and seek God's direction and then reconvene, and this suggestion was accepted unanimously. It was agreed that we would reconvene on Mon., August 7, at 6:30 pm at the church.

Board Meeting, Part Deux, August 7, 2000


Don Williams, Ken & Cindy Morefield, Todd & Sherry Truffin

Todd opened the meeting with prayer

Todd then briefly recapped the issues discussed on Thursday and events since that meeting; he then asked the board members to share how they felt God had been leading them. After that discussion the board came to the unanimous conclusion that God was indeed leading us to continue with Trinity Fellowship.

We then discussed several structural changes. Don encouraged the board not to see any of the current structures as "set in stone," and gave a brief history to show that, though the structure hasn't changed much since we've been at the church (the last 1-2 years), the church has in fact utilized a great variety of structures during its existence.

New Business:

Next Meeting

There are many more logistical issues that need to be discussed before school begins, so another meeting was scheduled for Monday, August 14, 6:30 pm at the church.

Todd closed in prayer and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia L. Morefield, Secretary