Trinity Fellowship Board Meeting
February 14, 2000

Present: Don Williams, Cindy & Ken Morefield, Todd & Sherry Truffin

Secretary's Report:

Minutes reviewed; Don moved that the minutes be approved as submitted; Ken seconded; motion carried.

Financial Report:

Tax issue:

Todd reported that, according to his uncle, it is not really a problem.

Ken's report:

Committee Reports:


Old Business


Still tabled.

Sunday School ideas

When Mark finishes his class (or when the Gerls move), we agreed to use something pre-packaged that didn't require intensive preparation, such as IVP study guides or Spiritual Formation Workbook. Sherry will look into options.


Todd has gotten more input on "Don't Come" idea and is continuing to work on it; has gotten info. from Dann about web page; a publicity strategy meeting is needed, and it was agreed that we could do some of this at Inklings this coming Sunday.


Change in meeting time not discussed last week; get input this week.

New Business


Cindy suggested that we need a new directory; Sherry agreed to bring a pad of paper on Sunday which we can pass around to get information; have Mark announce the purpose of getting the information and how it will be used. We should also begin regularly including an invitation to sign the guest book during announcements. Debby Gerl has already agreed to do some follow-up on any guest who sign the book.

Worship Leader

We need to be thinking about who will do this after Gerls move.

Next board meeting

Monday, February 21, at 4:00 pm in Ken's office.

Ken made a motion to adjourn the meeting; motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia L. Morefield, Secretary