Trinity Fellowship Board Meeting
February 7, 2000

Present: Don Williams, Cindy & Ken Morefield, Todd & Sherry Truffin

Don opened the meeting with a brief overview of the board functions and some of Trinity's traditions for board mettings. Todd perpetuated the "flame of leadership," Sherry took the role of designated contrarian, and tangent monitoring will be done by Cindy (with the help of Homer Simpson). A prayer time followed in which specific congregational needs were addressed.

Financial Report:

Ken reported that he only needed a copy of Annual Meeting minutes, signed by Debby, in order to change signatures on the accounts at Franklin Financial; he and Todd will add their signatures this week. Ken is making arrangements with Dann to get the checks and previous records. Ken said that his goal is to keep income and expenditure records for this month and to gather information concerning our outstanding obligations so that we will be in a position to come up with a budget next month.

A question was raised concerning the IRS's policy on designating gifts; Todd will check with Uncle Ted to clarify this issue.

Secretary's Report:

Don made a motion that the "State of the Church" section of the minutes of the annual meeting be amended to read, "In the coming year we need to re-evaluate our methods for communicating our vision to the community." Ken seconded; motion was carried.

Don moved that the minutes be approved as amended; Todd seconded; motion carried. A copy of amended minutes has been filed.

Committee Reports:


Old Business

Nursery Heater

Cindy made a motion that Debby's recommendation to purchase a space heater for the nursery area be tabled until the church's financial situation is better known; Ken seconded; motion was carried.

New Business


Mark Gerl will be leading a new Sunday School class, and will continue to do so until he & Debby move and/or other arrangements are made.


Several ideas were discussed. Todd and Sherry are working on the "Don't Come to Trinity Fellowship!" materials; we'll review next week and decide how to use. Cindy mentioned that the web page seems like a very appropriate publicity medium for us, but it needs to be updated and kept current. Todd agreed to take responsibility for the web page; will get password and other necessary info. from Dann.


Ken brought up the possibility of moving Inklings to another time in order to shorten the Sunday evening activities and perhaps develop Inklings into more of an outreach ministry. Several options were discussed, and the consensus was that moving it to Friday evenings twice a month would provide the most benefits. The board agreed to discuss this option and others with Inklings participants next Sunday evening.

Board Meetings

The board agreed to meet once a week for a while, until some of the outstanding business has been accomplished. The goal is to eventually meet less frequently. The next board meeting will be on Monday, February 14, at 4:30 pm in Ken's office.

Ken took prayer requests to address during the week. A motion was made to adjourn the meeting; it was seconded and carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia L. Morefield