Trinity Fellowship Board Meeting
January 7, 2001


Don Williams, Cindy Morefield, Todd & Sherry Truffin

Todd brought the meeting to order with a scripture reading (Ps. 111) and prayer.

Secretary’s & Financial Report

Cindy presented the minutes from the Quarterly Business Meeting of October 22, 2000 and financial reports from Ken for October and November of 2000;  Don moved that minutes and report be accepted as read; Sherry 2nd; motion carried.

Old Business

Missions Fund Allocations

New allocations for Lasses and Brande are in effect; Ken wants to clarify how missions fund allocation interacts with gifts designated to a particular individual for missions.

Church Calendar/Liturgical Year

Do we want to continue?  Yes.  Just keep order clear and explain the significance of the various seasons.  No changes proposed.

Inklings Live

Theme seemed to be a good idea; continue with themed events?  Perhaps; scheduled next Inklings Live for Sat., February 24, 2001 at 7pm.  Possible “Fat Tuesday” theme?  Lent?

Service Opportunities

a list of service opportunities still needs to be posted; however, that project may be contingent upon items to be discussed later in meeting.

New Business

Sunday evening

Will be at Strickland’s next week (1/14), Truffin’s for rest of Jan. (1/21 & 1/28); Lass’s in February.


during his state of the church report, Don stated that, although our financial situation has been stabilized, our viability is still a concern since we still are attracting only a few new members or active participants.  We discussed our current situation, the past semester, and addressed the question of whether we are going to continue meeting as a church.  Several perspectives were presented which addressed both positive and negative aspects of what we’ve been trying to do, what we’re actually doing, and how well we’ve succeeded.  There seemed to be a consensus that some of what we are trying to do is good and worth pursuing, but that the way we’ve been pursuing it has obviously not been effective; therefore, simply continuing to do the same things in the same way was not an option.  There wasn’t consensus, however, as to whether we could envision an effective strategy that would allow us to continue.  We decided to reconvene in a week, and in the interim pray and think about our options to see if we could see a workable plan or direction.

Next Meeting

Scheduled for Monday, January 15, 12:15 pm at the Downtown Café.

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia L. Morefield, Secretary