Trinity Fellowship Annual Meeting
February 6, 2000


Members: Kami Harris, Don Williams, Debby Gerl, Mark Gerl, Cindy Morefield, Ken Morefield
Others: Judah McNeil

Financial Report:

Submitted by Dann Moreau, read by Don Williams (see attached). Compared with last year's report, we appear to have broken even; however, we are behind on Pastor's honorarium, missionary support and phone bill. In effect, we may be as much as $2000 in the red for the year.

Committee Reports:


Pastor's "State of the Church" address:

The fact that we're still here is a miracle in itself. In the coming year we need to re-evaluate our methods for communicating our vision to the community.

Induction of New Members

Candidates nominated by New Members Class: Todd and Sherry Truffin
Motion made and seconded to receive them as new members; motion carried.

New Business

New slate of officers for Board/Steering Committee

Nominating Committee nominations:

There were no nominations from the floor.
Motion was made and seconded to elect these officers; motion carried. New officers' duties begin immediately.

Heater for Nursery

Debby Gerl recommended that a small heater be purchased for the nursery area. No action taken.

Coffee House Fund

Ken Morefield made a motion that the Coffee House fund be transferred into the general operating fund. Seconded by Debby Gerl. Discussion: there are no plans to continue the Coffee House ministry in the foreseeable future, so there is no reason to keep the money in a separate fund. Motion carried.


Old Business


A motion was made by Cindy Morefield to adjourn the meeting; seconded by everyone; motion carried. Ken Morefield closed in prayer.